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Pyramid Mountain – Test Pilot

We are moving ever closer to completing the first episode in the docuseries. Above you can view the work in progress. This edit has helped flush out the kinks in the editing process but will not be the final edit. It was sent out to a dozen trusted advisors for review and their feedback suggested numerous improvements to be made before it’s official release to the public.


We Have Filmed In

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— And More To Come —

About Us

We Explore Stone Sites

Honest to goodness, we are just regular people who happen to have an interest in what lies hidden all around us. Some call us rock nerds. I get that. But we’re also history buffs, and we’re definitely open-minded when it comes to who came to America and when. One thing that brings us together is our love for these sites, the history, and the wonder they bring into our lives.


First and foremost we believe these sites need protection. We also believe they need recognition. Some would disagree with the recognition part, but when many people, especially here in New England don’t believe that Native Americans made, or were capable of making many of these historic sites, then that takes away from their history, and that’s not right.


Our mission is to document as many of these sites as we can; to educate the public about what’s around them so that they understand the importance these sites; to do what we can to get these sites protected; and to get these sites the scientific research that they so desperately need. We would love to help usher in a new era where these sites are preserved.


Our vision is to restore the prestige to these sites that was once held by their original builders, to share the wonder and beauty of these sites with the world, to respect the wishes of private land owners, to make a virtual library of sites accessible by the world, and to create a like-minded community from around the globe with a shared interest in these sites.

By The Numbers

Some Cool Facts About Us

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Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team.
We are curious explorers and passionate investigators.
We are diligent researchers eager to share our findings with others.


Host & Producer



Derek Gunn


Samantha Y.

Hiker / Photographer

Viking Dan


David McLean


Doug MacLeod


Angela Flanagan


We want to preserve
the ancient past

The best way we can preserve the ancient past is to educate the people of today. By educating the public at large, they will support the preservation of these majestic sites wherever they are. It is only when people are unaware of the importance and significance of these sites will they support the efforts of preservation.

Site Reports

Site reports contain our findings at each site. Dig in below and discover what awaits you!

It is essential to record and share our findings with the world. Part of educating the public is to teach them about sites and the features that are there so when they see them at other sites, or even in their own backyards, they will know what they are.

In the pursuit of truth, we yield only in amazement of what we have discovered.

Field Trips

Site Reports

After each field trip a site report is written up documenting observations, research, new discoveries and other things about the site, such as any help or protection the site may need. Each site typically fits within one of the categories below. You can view all of the site reports by clicking “All” or filter them by feature by clicking one of the other topics. Some sites may take a while to load, especially ones with large photo galleries. Please be patient, it will load.


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Get In Touch

If you know of a site you would like us to visit, or you found an artifact that you want to share with others, get in touch with us.

As much as we can research, we will never find all of the sites and artifacts that are out there. That’s why we rely on people such as you to help us.