Matt Adams

Self employed for 15 years. Fell in love with the stones in 2004 and immediately wanted to make a documentary. Didn't pan out at that time. After spending all summer of 2016 moving, I was out for revenge in the summer of 2017 and set out to explore stone sites with my 2 sons. Located a stone chamber in NH with permission and directions from the land owner, shot a really bad video, posted it to my Facebook Page, shared it to some groups, and within a week it had over 14,000 views. I thought we were on to something and the idea of doing a documentary returned. I created the doc intro and there was just so much power there. We knew it could be big. Started buying cameras and equipment to boost production value, and traveling to sites to film them. Couldn't find anyone that would sit on camera and talk about why archeology in the United States has some major problems, so the project seemed to be going nowhere. Then I heard a phrase from the Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer of the Narragansett Indian Tribe, Doug Harris... He said "Let the stones speak for themselves." I pondered that for a while until I came up with the idea to produce a docuseries, with episodes focusing on one site, or several features of one type, or an interview with a fellow researcher, or a strange artifact, or someone who found a strange artifact, or... well you get the idea. And here we are!

Polaris - 1021 A.D. & 2021 A.D.

As we were researching the table rock seen below, Larry and Viking dan started asking questions about orientation of the stone. The northern point aligns to 357º magnetic, and 352.5º True North. A question arose: Is this aligned to Polaris, the North Star? To find out, I delved into Stellarium and took screenshots of a […]