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During initial rounds of filming, we realized a few things…

  1. Some of these sites are too big to photograph/videograph from the ground, and that we’d need a drone to capture the images we needed from the air.
  2. Some of the locations we wanted to film required us to spend nights/weekends in the vicinity around them.
  3. We need to hire people for certain aspects of the production of the docuseries, particularly music.
  4. Some of what is found here is very similar to what’s been found on other continents, particularly in Europe.

In order for us to continue filming and producing the docuseries, we are asking for a kind monetary donation. Please contribute toward the ongoing production of this docuseries.

Financial Contributions to Date:

  • $800 loan by Anonymous (repaid in full) to acquire drone faster, before heading to locations to film
  • $8000 donation by Patrick Sheckleton; 5k to acquire a new computer for editing (old comp was 6 years old and couldn’t play 4k video), and 3k for other expenses
  • $20,000 (estimated) Matt Adams: I have personally contributed approximately 20k of my own money on this project so far, for things like equipment, gear, travel/lodging/food, software and other website related expenses, etc…
  • $100 donation by Julia Catlin
  • $50 donation by Stewart Ketcham
  • $50 donation by Peter Waz
  • $100 donation by Lee R Barnes
  • $50 donation by Annabel Lee
  • $1000 donation by Donald Chapman

I am VERY thankful and very humbled to receive this kind of help, my sincerest thank you to the donors.

2 Responses to NEHSSIE Docuseries Fundraiser

  1. Julia Catlin

    Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Stewart Ketcham

    Matt was exploring the area of Calendar I site in South Royalton, VT. Our dog decided split during our daily hike and spend the day with him as a lark. Now Matt calls him my “animal spirit guide” for the day. They both (Matt and our dog, Piper) are good spirits and spirited individuals. A serendipitous event for all three of us.
    Thanks Matt,

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