Native American Museums & Other Locations of Interest

I spent several hours putting together this map of public Native American sites, museums, exhibits, and archeological artifact collections. I was able to add most of the north east united States to it using a list found on Wikipedia, and several sites that I either knew about already or found while researching. However, I would like to request your help in adding more sites to it, since I do not know about every possible place where one can go to examine collections of historical Native American items, and since I also do not have the time to add the rest of the Wikipedia list.

If you would like to help, I have made this version of the map open, accessible and editable to the public. I also have another private copy saved that can’t be deleted so you don’t have to worry about “messing it up”.

What can you add? Sites like Cahokia (Illinois) or Poverty Point (Louisiana) are prime examples of actual protected Native American historical sites that the public can visit, and to which there is great educational value. Museums, exhibits, and anywhere that has on display to the public, archeologically produced artifacts (excavated from the earth in proper manner), are all good examples of what to add. I try to stay away from “art galleries”, as there isn’t really a historical aspect to them.

Included below is a tutorial found on YouTube that explains how to add locations to the map for anyone that doesn’t know how but wants to help.

Thanks for any assistance you might contribute!