The Stone Serial - Vol 1




Central Massachusetts

Deep in the NEARA archives I found a report of a stone chamber in Central Massachusetts. One day I set out to find it.

Located just off the highway, in a small wooded area not very fit for farming, the stone chamber is buried into the side of a small hill. The local terrain is rocky, and there are multiple extruding ridges within a relatively small, local geologic formation containing amphibolite, biotite schist, and gneiss.

There are two small streamlets in the immediate vicinity, both of which run off into a nearby river in one of Massachusetts 28 major watersheds.

There wasn’t much information in the NEARA reports about the chamber, let alone any other stone work around it. There was mention of a possible chimney out of the back of it, but I did not see clear enough evidence that there had been one there, and if there was, it had been removed and it’s place in the back wall had been refilled.

The old report said to park nearby and follow the power lines in, and I did just that…

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